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Art courses in Florence, Italy

Italy is the birthplace of many illustrious artists who have graced the  earth  with their gift over the course of the centuries. The Italian Renaissance especially  put Florence on the map as a very influential place in history. For a studying  artist, there is no better place to go to become fully steeped in the culture of the classical masters, and this is where you can  go  to  learn  the  principals,  techniques,  and methods of these masters.

See first hand how they changed the world with the tip of a brush. Art courses in Florence will provide training in many different mediums and  styles,  such as sculpting, composition basics, oil painting, anatomically  correct drawing, and still life.

This lays the framework for a student to  take these  techniques  and  develop  his own particular style and method of expression. In Florence one is put face to face with the  works  of  Botticelli,  da  Vinci,  and  Michelangelo,  all  of  whom   made Florence their home at some point.  The  canvas  here  is  fairly   dripping  with history.  Art  courses   in  Florence,   Italy  tend  to  bring  to  light  the  values and sets of morals that inspired the  masters who painted  on these  very  streets.